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        • Room programmable thermostat wire TP 5001

          Room programmable thermostat for heating

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          Арт. №: ТР 5001

          Room programmable thermostat for heating

          Programmable Room Thermostats type TP combine the functions of a room thermostat and timer and automatically adjust various levels of ambient temperature during the day and night.

          5/2 bedroom day programmable thermostat with microprocessor. Works with batteries.

          Application: On. / Off. or chrono-proportional control of heaters, boilers, water heaters, pumps and motorized valves. Factory programmed clock switching from summer to winter time. Possibility of changing 6 temperature levels per day. Additional Features: Optimized start; Chrono-prop. 3/6/9/12 cycle control, and others.

          Temperature range: 5-30 ° C

          Stylish modern design
          - Large, easy to read LCD screen
          - Easy programming and management
          - Battery operated for easy installation
          - Function service intervals
          - Factory built-in clock
          - Auto BST / GMT time shift
          - Model with rigid wire
          - Many additional features

          Easy to use and program the thermostat has a built-replacement program, which can be easily set individual heating requirements of the user. A big advantage of the TP5001 Si thermostat that includes a real clock and calendar function, which eliminates the need to set the time and time shifts. The time and date are set at the factory in which the user himself does not need to record these parameters.

          Standard feature set is incl. / Off. It is controlled by chrono-proportional control. This modulating control using cyclic scheme in which the parameters of the boiler incl. / Off. They are regulated by percentage levels according to individual requirements of the user.
          They may be selected chrono-proportional cyclic levels 3, 6, 9, or 12 hour.

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