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        • Controllers Steca fot solar systems - prices

          In modern photovoltaic island systems are widely used type controllers charge batteries. They are connected between the
          photovoltaic modules and batteries. The main functions of the solar charge controller batteries are
          adjustment charge, status, and protection against invalid values ​​of variables associated with it. Additional functions are tied with self-diagnostics and settings.
          In operation, the regulator control (U, I, t) and they estimated the stored energy in the battery (SOC) .By continuous process of testing the system are observed changes. By stored energy SOC controller controls the selection of the method of charge and protective functions. Obobshtavayki functions are:
          1.Osashtestvyava charging the battery using a method impulen-width adjustment
          2. Protects Battery
          3.Zashtitava photovoltaic module
          3. Provides compensation of temperature controller
          4. Realize acoustic warnings in emergency mode
          5.Vizualizira system status through the LCD display
          6. Powers constant-current loads

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