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        • Basalt Solar Charger AM118 (3000 mAh)

          Solar external battery for mobile phones (3000 mAh)

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          Арт. №: 22234

          Solar external battery for mobile phones (3000 mAh)

          • Manufacturer: A-solar
          • Model: Basalt Solar Charger AM118 (3000 mAh)
          • Universal solar charger equipped with a high efficiency solar panel and strong metal casing.
          The Basalt solar charger includes a powerful 3000mAh internal battery, enough energy to charge a mobile phone up to 1.5 times.
          • You can recharge your mobile phone, tablet, satnav, E-book reader or music player any time you want, without being dependent from mains.
          • You can also charge your tablet with the Basalt solar charger, thanks to the 2.1A USB output.
          • Because of the 2 USB outputs, the AM118 gives you the opportunity to charge two mobile devices at the same time. E.g. a smartphone and tablet.
          • The Basalt solar charger comes with 2 integrated USB outputs, LED indicator for battery status and a free protective pouch.
          • Strong metal casing
          • Equipped with internal 3000mAh li-polymer battery
          • Universal mobile charger for smartphone, tablet etc.
          • Suitable to charge two devices at the same time
          • Battery: 3000mAh Li-polymer
          • Solar panel: 5.5V/210mA
          • Weight: 178 grams
          • Dimensions: 128x68x16mm
          • Colour: Black with orange
          • Output: 2x USB (1x 5V/2.1A + 1x 5V/1A)
          • Supplied: Manual, micro USB charging cable, pouch
          • Compatible with: smartphone, tablet, e-bookreader, MP3 player etc.

          • Гаранция: 24 месеца

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