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          Арт. №: 6090707


          The thermoceramic coating consists of liquid dispersion solution, 60% ceramic vacuum microcapsules, special low-emitting components and ecological anti-mould additives. Painting with SuperShield (last layer) guarantees that once the wall is dry, you will have a coating with the following properties:

          • Warm wall. The wall is 3 - 4 оС warmer than walls covered with traditional decorarive materials.
          • Protection from condensation and moisture. The surface of the walls/celings is always higher than the temperature of irrigation. Thus, no mould is formed. The anti-condensation properties of SuperShield do not decrease with time.
          • Energy-saving effect. Heat loss is reduced by 10 to 15%.
          • Very good adhesion to all kinds of construction materials.
          • Good steam conducting. The walls can "breathe".
          • No holding of dust and dirt. The walls can be cleaned with a damp sponge or tissue.
          • A rich colour pallette. The colour of SuperShield is white, but it can be painted with standard paint colouring agents.


          packaging area covered price
          1 litre 2,7 - 3m2 14.50 EUR
          3 litres 8 - 9m2 42.00 EUR
          1 US gallon (3.8 litres)   56.00 EUR
          4 litres 11 - 12m2 69.50 EUR
          10 litres 27 - 30m2 135 EUR
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