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        • Tall and bright solar lamp for the garden

          Garden solar lamp with 2 heights and efficient solar power

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          Арт. №: FL-2286-WW

          Garden solar lamp with 2 heights and efficient solar power


          Solar lamp for the garden

          •      1.2 m elegant solar lamp.
          •      Integrated, efficient solar panel.
          •      Strong warm-white LED bulb.
          •      Two-level brightness adjustment.

            Garden lights powered by solar energy and a height of 1.2 m.
            This product features 6 ultra bright LED warm Biały LEDs which provide strong light at night.
            Equipped with four integrated high-efficiency solar panels to charge the batteries during the day.

            Manufactured from extremely durable in all weather conditions material - a mixture of aluminum and polypropylene.
            The lamp offers two brightness settings: high brightness, suitable for summer months and lower in the winter months, when daylight is shorter.
            This product may be assembled in a few minutes and is easily mounted on various surfaces. The kit includes plate for hard surfaces such as wood, stone and concrete. There is an opportunity for driving on a soft base, the soil in lawns and pots.


          • Batteries: 1 x Lithium, 600mAh, 3.2v
          • Power LED: 0.2W
          • Number of LED: 6
          • IP protection: IP44
          • Light sensor: yes
          • Temperature of LED: 3.5K
          • Power of light: 22-36 LM
          • Solar panel: Integrated
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          • Цветелина Матеева February 26, 2018 1:07 PM
            Здравейте, търсим за наш клиент соларни сензорни лампи /сензор ден и нощ/ като вашите Арт. №: FL-2286-WW . Търсено количество - 50-60 бр. Има ли възможност да вземем една мостра, за да можем да покажем на клиента и каква партньорска цена бихте могли да ни предложите за търсеното количество. Благодаря ви и лек ден, Цветелина Матеева
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