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        • Voltaic V39 Charger for iPad and tablets

          Voltaic V39 Phone Charger for iPad and tablets

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          Voltaic V39 Phone Charger for iPad and tablets

          Manufacture: Voltaic
          • Model: V39 Phone Charger

          10,600mAh / 39 Watt hour external battery for tablets and handheld electronics, the V39 can fully charge an iPad. Features two USB output ports: a hi-power port for fast tablet charging and a low-power port for smartphones. Charges from solar or a USB port
          Capacity: 10,600mAh, 39 Watt Hours
          Output: 5V/2A and 5V/1A USB (2 outputs)
          Input: 5-6V, 1A
          Battery Type: Li-Polymer
          Protection: Short Circuit, Over Charge, Over Discharge, Over Current, Over Temperature
          4 X smartphone charges from Voltaic battery
          1 X tablet charges from Voltaic battery

          - USB Output Cable - connects to phone adapters


          - Smartphones: Charges all USB Devices including all Apple, Android and Blackberry smartphones.
          - Tablets: Charges all tablets that are powered by USB including Apple iPads and Samsung Tablets. Will not charge tablets that charge at 12 or 16 Volts.
          - Digital Cameras: Compatible with cameras that charge from USB like GoPros. Not compatible with DSLRs.

          • Warranty: 24 months

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